Thursday, 28 May 2015

Reading, reading and more reading!

What have I noticed lately... there is no need for a reading tumble when working with Explain Everything on the iPads. The learners work throughout the whole session on activities created around the book they are reading and their learning needs. As a 'fly on the wall,' moving around Year 1 and 2 classes, the learners are engaged in activities that are more personalised, interesting, rewindable and recordable. Can't beat that!!

Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Same reading level vs different age

Even though a 5 year old may be reading at the same level as some 9 year olds it doesn't mean the post reading activities should be the same. When designing, or adding on to an Explain Everything (EE), it's an important thing to consider. The older learner may enjoy and cope well with the lower levelled activities but in reality they can be pushed, questioned and potentially think at a higher level.
So, let's add on pages to our  EE's for those older learners and get them moving towards 'higher order thinking'!

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Reading and iPads

Going into each class weekly allows me not only the affordance of knowing the learner but also supporting and personalising their learning needs for that session. This usually looks like me adding on to an already made activity with more specific learning which I get the students to create while with me at the teaching table. The learner is continuing to use the tools on Explain Everything to  complete the reading activity and add new creations at the end of the existing activity. Discussion with the teachers allows me to share what I think may work further or for me to test run their new activity designs. These conversations are so inspiring ... the thought and time that goes in to preparing these activities, to support the learners, is amazing. In one class the learners were having difficulty reading the instructions so the teacher added a sound bite to each activity. A small amount of scaffolding was required to remind the learner to play the sound bite back whenever was required.


This week my PLC research group met. It was so heartening to hear the reflections and changes that have taken place through their discussions not to mention the improvement in reading of those focus learners. Linking design and innovation with the curriculum and student achievement gives a wonderful hook to hang your hat on!!