Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Are they straight?...NE and Year 1 on Lines...

The Year 2's and 3's were able to do it. The Year 2's made each line by repeating the process whereas the Year 3's learnt how to use the duplicating tool. So my question was...could the 5 year olds manage it too AND lock them down? They have had no experience using the locking tool so today we learnt how to lock down a photo, create 4 lines and lock those down too. Well... we now have lines so lets do some writing!
Could this be an activity the 'others' could create and do independently?

Can 5 year olds create their own template to work with...yes they can!!

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  1. That's agency! They are creating their own 'book' to write in, with pictures. I wish I could have done that when I was at school.