Wednesday, 18 February 2015

1st Stylus day.

Today in one of our Year 1 / NE classes we used the Stylus for the first time.
I began by going through our process of taking a photo in Explain Everything and sharing it on the Apple TV. I chose to take a photo of my favourite book in the library corner. We co-constructed a story about our favourite book which I  wrote it on the white board with their support. I introduced the Stylus and had a full Kawa of Care explained to me from these amazing 5 year olds! The 'what' and 'why' we have to look after our Stylus was a delight to hear!
I continued sharing on the Apple TV as I transcribed the story from the whiteboard on to my i pad under the photo of my book.

Now it was the children's turn. The room was a buzz with activity while photos were being taken. When it came time to use the Stylus there were some "I can't" but that was short lived. The room was now a hush with stories being written.

A WOW moment: One of our little learners, who has not been engaged with school since starting, completed the task (his first to date) and was so proud of himself.

We also had deviation from the story with one little girl completing her sentence by incorporating the title from her chosen book.

Feeling really excited for these wonderful learners...their engagement and excitement is so encouraging!!

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