Tuesday, 3 February 2015

Photo of a Photo

This week has marked the the 'kick-off' of our 1 to 1 programme in Years 1 to 3. Slow and steady has been our motto! Each class has gone through all the safety procedures and routines pedantically. I went into two classes today to support their first visit outside taking 1 photo at a time. The children were fantastic. Unlike last year, each child only took 1 photo at a time following a specific instruction. Back in class we shared one child's photos on the Apple TV. As we looked at each photo we began to build the children's oral language into extended sentences. As a class each child was shown how to access their own pictures to share with their neighbour. Next step was to 'double click' on the home button and swipe off the camera app ready to be put away. Something interesting from our Photo time... a little girl wasn't able to "take a photo of something yellow" so her friend said "take a photo of my photo!" What a cool idea...out of the mouths of babes!
Every day I'm continually blown away by the creativity coming from our little 5 years olds!

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