Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Connecting it all up... shapes to arrows and locking it down!

This week the NE /Year 1's had their 'shape' making experience. Most of the learners were able to form a rectangle with their finger but some needed a bit more support. With lots of practise it will become easier... getting that fine motor adjusted enough to drag the shape to the necessary size was tricky!

Interestingly, the learners asked if they could add lines and made a recommendation that they locked down their shapes and lines to stop them moving while they were writing!
What a wonderful bunch of 'thinkers!'

The Year 2's continued with shapes now adding a circle and arrows into the mix. We built a brainstorm as the initial construct and talked about the shapes that may be required to house the words and word groups. Once the brainstorm was completed we decided to create 5 rectangles and 2 circles on our iPads to start our brainstorm.  Making the shapes was easy but the positioning of each shape seemed difficult for most. Creating the arrows was also easy, however, the placement for direction and flow from each shape was very hap hazard and done purely for aesthetics!  This was a good learning curve for the learners... they are comfortable building shapes so can now focus on position and direction! So many curriculum areas covered in one lesson!

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